Westfield Stratford shopping centre still in line for worst bike lanes in London prize

Westfield Stratford came in for a lot of stick for the sheer awfulness of its bike lanes earlier this year, and it doesn't look like its latest solution will enhance its reputation.

Rather than embracing the principles of Go Dutch (equality, continuity, quality for bike facilities), the shopping centre had other ideas for the bike lanes adjoining its car park access roads.

Cyclists were expected to avoid the massive supports of several road signs, electrical junction boxes, and presumably each other too.

We're not convinced recent changes (above right) will have high-spending cycle shoppers flocking to this particular shopping centre.

Some wags have been wondering if they'll be installing traffic lights to handle any contraflow conflicts.



  • By Bilboben at 4:49am 10 December 2011

I do have to say as a resident of Leytonstone who cycles to Westfield and uses their facilities at least three times a week, I have found generally access to the site and especially the indoor "secure" parking facilities the best I have found at any UK shopping venue. Probably having ridden up and down the lane photographed at least 100 times I have yet to meet another cyclist in either direction. I do support the "Go Dutch" campaign but we have to acknowledge that thought has gone into giving cyclists room and space for access and for safe parking. Maybe not exactly as we would like it, but are we not in danger of lessening the effectiveness of our argument by seeming to whinge?

If Bilboben's comment is true, please can we have an article about the good cycling infrastructure at Westfield. It is our duty to highlight poor cycling infrastructure but if we don't show good infrastructure how will designers know what the correct alternatives are. (Of course, the designers could just engage in some healthy plagiarism from the Dutch! http://www.youtube.com/user/markenlei)

  • By nigel at 9:38am 10 December 2011

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY the biggest urban shopping centre in Europe with the biggest car park to go with it just look atr the amount of car spaces they have incredible they are just not interested in cyclist full stop.

money talks nothing else that's westfields..

May I suggest a contender to Westfield Stratford for worst bike lane in London? It is - wait for it - Westfield White City. The cycle lane here would be laughable, were it not so dangerous. At one point a lift and a flight of stairs empties out directly onto the cycle lane, pretty scary at rush hour when people pile out of the lift into the oncoming path of cyclists. At other points the already narrow path is obstructed by a bollard, a signpost and a traffic light. Check out H & F cyclists website for pictures. The white lines, which are already chipping off, stop and start three times, so that you sometimes encounter abuse from pedestrians who assume you are cycling on 'their' pavement. Shame on you Westfield. You had many millions of pounds at your disposal and carte blanche in terms of planning.  What you have come up with for London cyclists is no more than a pitiful afterthought. I would like whoever " designed' this route to be made to cycle up and down it every day so that they can experience for themselves the effects of their thoughtless and lazy planning.

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