What would British roads look like if we treated them the same way we do our cycle lanes?

Last week we posted a photo on our Facebook page of a truck blocking Cycle Superhighway 3 (below-left).

It inspired LCC supporter Dave Hall to picture how our roads might look if we treated them with the same disregard we do our bike lanes.

Don't forget to post the location where you want a Go Dutch walking and cycling project on our map so we can tell Boris and the London Assembly on 12 July...


This is fabulous work and falls swiftly into the "I wish I'd done that first" category.  I'll find some of the many other sites I've witnessed in recent months and send them in for this.  My first thought was to name and shame the Borough, each time particularly as I'm right next to Barnet and Camden living in Brent.  All three have a lot to answer for, but some very active LCC groups to counter the cyclephobic council and road planners.  More please - these are brilliant - Go Dutch!

  • By betha at 03:34pm 02 Jul 2012

Great work! I blogged about this issue at the beginning of the year too:

Highways Agency TFL-Style Road-planning

The third photo down is near where I live and is ridiculous; imagine asking drivers to do that? There'd be constant pile-ups!

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The last picture is of course more accurate than Dave perhaps realises.  Here is the real thing on the Cambridgeshire Busway (aka NCN51).

Car trap



  • By Austen at 09:13am 07 Jul 2012

Any danger of a "Motorists Disembark" sign?


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