Where to buy a new bike

Bike shops

If you buy a new bike, it’s advisable to go to a specialised bike shop where they'll have the experience and expertise to find the right one for you.

You'll also be grateful for the after-sales support, such as servicing.

Most good bike shops offer a free service soon after you buy your bike to make sure everything is in order and make any necessary adjustments.

Buying online

If you choose to buy from an online store or mail-order, you must be confident you know exactly what you want and what size to buy.

Check whether you'll be required to assemble any of the bike yourself.

Last year's bargains

Manufacturers frequently change their model line-ups in the new year. You can pick up bargains by buying one of last year's models, though you might have limited choice in size, model and colour.


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Is there a list of bike shops anywhere with shoppers' recommendations / warnings?

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