Woman killed after collision on notorious Lambeth Bridge roundabout


A woman has died after being hit by a tipper truck on Lambeth Bridge roundabout this morning. The woman, who has not yet been identified, is the 5th person to have been killed cycling in London in 2015.

The collision took place on the Westminster side of Lambeth Bridge - a notorious roundabout. A witness told the Evening Standard: "The front wheel of the bike was completely squashed under the front wheels of the lorry. The bike was on the lorry's left."

Another added: "The lorry was stopped on the roundabout at the junction of the bridge and Millbank, and the bike was under the front left wheel. The front wheel was trapped under the lorry".

The redesign of this junction to provide safe space for cycling is urgently needed. Sadly, while plans were consulted on by Transport for London following recommendations from London Cycling Campaign, no action was taken after the consultation.

In late 2012, a London Cycling Campaign workshop, facilitated by experts from the Dutch Cycling Embassy, saw representatives from Transport for London, local councils and cycling and walking campaigns work together to produce a people-friendly redesign of Lambeth Bridge and its approaches. Presenting the outcome of the workshop at the conference on 18th October, Dutch Cycling Embassy expert Marjolein de Lange agreed with an earlier call by LCC for a Dutch-style roundabout on the Westminster side.

In January 2013 Transport for London announced in their response to the consultation: "..having considered responses to consultation, and following concerns voiced by Westminster City Council, we have decided not to proceed with these planned initial improvements at Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout. Instead, we will concentrate our resources on developing more substantial improvements that meet the expectations of Westminster City Council and other stakeholders." No action followed the consultation.

Tipper trucks have been involved in four out of the five cycling fatalities in London in 2015 so far. On 20 January 2015, 29-year-old Stephanie Turner was killed by a 32 ton tipper lorry at the junction of Amhurst Park and Seven Sisters Rd in Stamford Hill. On 2 February, Akis Kollaros was killed by a tipper lorry on Homerton High Street. On 6 February, Federica Baldassa was killed by a Greggs delivery truck at the junction of Vernon Place and Bloomsbury Square. Along with the redesign of our streets to provide safe space for cycling, London Cycling Campaign is calling for the adoption of safer lorries, with direct vision cabs - such as those on show at the CLOCS conference earlier this year - that give the driver a direct view of pedestrians and cyclists in close proximity to their vehicle.

Campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists will hold a vigil for the woman on Monday 20th April at 6.30pm. More info is on their website.


  • By anita at 1:13pm 9 April 2015

Since Transport for London, the haulage industry and Westminster Council clearly do what they like and are not accountable to anyone, it is a miracle any London cyclist is still alive.

  • By Dave H at 2:28am 10 April 2015

Vehilce operated by the company whose details appear on cab - they have a restircted operators licence for 40 vehicles operting from Registerd Office in Potters Bar, and operating depot in E 14 - specialist construction work.

They surrendered an earlier licence on 31/07/14 (although no vehicles shown and no operating base) and current licence valid until 2016.

Vision Zero has done an FoIA request to Inner London Boroughs requesting the details of the investigations, and actions resulting from those investigations, mandated (ie MUST do) by s.39 RTA 1988. Westminster has failed to respond entirely to the request.

There have been previous incidents at this junction and so there should be record on Westminster (or TfL) fulfilling their mandated duty under s.39.3.a, and proposing action under s.39.3.b perhaps a very specific FoIA request concerning this junction.

From pictues it looks very much as if truck driver failed to yeild coming over Lanbeth Bridge towards Horseferry Road, and broadsided cyclist going over roundabout along Millbank towards Chelsea. Victim may have tried to throw herself clear (tent at point where offside of truck would pass) and bike carried under truck before being thrown out on n/s. Truck has covered some distance, no signs of fierce braking 

Noted that Federica Baldasse collision was with a bus at bus stop and she & truck passed bus to right side, and truck turned left from r/h lane. Detail likely to emerge when CCTV from bus is released/used at inquest. Bus stop was relocated to this point 2-3 years ago, and when buses stopped there left turning vehicles have limited view of left turn, and bus as big feature on n/s. Risk in certain traffic conditions that cyclists cpome up along bus lane and slip through gap to get in front of bus. Bus stop is a hazard that should return to original location? 

Please LCC put a lot more muscle into getting a huge turnout for Mondays camapign.  This could be a critical moment when cycle users can make an enormous stament that they are fed up with litttle more than lipservice to the issue of cycle safety.  Too many designs, reports and cosnultations leading nowehere in particular over huge time scales.  

Being there on Monday is the least we can collectively do.

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