Your chance to respond to mayor's Way To Go policy document

There has been a mixed reaction from cyclists to the mayor's policy preview document Way To Go, which maps out the current administration's plans for transport in the capital.

Anyone can email in their comments by 16th January to or post them to: Way To Go, Post Point 22, Freepost, Lon15799, City Hall, London, SE12BR.

LCC welcomes the mayor's statement that "a cycle-ised city is a civilised city". The planned introduction of a mass cycle-hire scheme will open up cycling to thousands of Londoners and visitors and the proposed introduction of cycle highways has the potential to tackle key barriers to cycling.

Local cycle hubs scheme
The plan to create local cycle hubs in the outer boroughs is intriguing. Done properly, this could help relieve motor vehicle congestion in London's surburban town centres, and increase cycle use at the local level.

We'll be pushing for these hubs to mean improved urban realm and increased permeability for walkers and cyclists, which means better (two-way) access to all streets in targeted areas.

This will make it easier for local residents to travel to their chosen destinations by bike without having to take circuitous routes or go on congested roads. Cycle travel will become more efficient and car dependency will be reduced.

Concerns about some policies
There are however, concerns about other aspects of the mayor's plans. His proposals for 'traffic-smoothing' are likely to favour the movement of motor vehicles (frequently low-occupancy), which will only encourage more people to use motor cars and bring more congestion.

The losers might be pedestrians and cyclists whose journeys could become slower or more inconvenient.

More public transport, walking and cycling can move more people, more efficiently and offers the best solution to solve the transport needs of London’s growing population.

LCN+ needs citywide support
The lack of support for LCN+ will undermine the mayor’s other plans for cycling growth. The integrated London Cycle Network is designed to link up all those disconnected pieces of cycle route dotted around the city into one coherent whole.

A vast amount of time and money has been invested in researching and consulting on LCN+ - with a significant input from LCC volunteers. We don’t want that to go to waste.

LCC is sending a response to Way To Go in January 2009. Our response is being discussed by LCC’s Cycle Planning and Engineering Group, which any member can join (see the issue of London Cyclist published on 28th January 2009).

To read the mayor's Way To Go document, download it using the link on the right. To read more about the cycle-hire scheme, follow the other link on the right.


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