£100 Million for outer-London mini-Hollands

Mr Gilligan and co. are dangling the carrot of £100 million and asking outer London Boroughs to bid for a share of it. Seems they want it to be spent intensively in 1 to 4 outer boroughs rather than divided between 16 boroughs.

Kingston Council's eyes have collectively popped and are asking for ideas on how best to provide infrastructure that a Dutchman would be proud of. You can email your ideas to smartertravel@rbk.kingston.gov.uk   Remember, the more challenging of the existing situation the more interesting the proposal will be. Please share your ideas here and email your local group here: kingston@lcc.org.uk Thanks.

Here's a starter for 10:

1) Segregated cycle paths beside all main roads on the approaches to Kingston Town Centre [Cost estimate £10Million]

2) Segregated cycle path between Kingston, New Malden and Worcester Park following A2043 Kingston Road etc [Cost Estimate £5M]

3) Collaboration with the borough of Richmond to have a network of segregated routes between Kingston, Surbiton, Hampton, Teddington, Twickenham, Ham including a new cyclable bridge at Teddington Lock [Cost Estimate £20M]

4) Reworking of the Kingston Town Centre one-way system to allow cycling and maybe general traffic in the opposite direction on Queen Elizabeth Road (by Tiffin Boys) and Cromwell Road, to improve cycling connectivity and bust the Monaco-style race track that the roads have become. [Cost Estimate £2M]

5) Removal of a traffic lane on Wheatfield Way and Clarence Street (by Oceana) to provide a cycle track north south between the Fairfield and Richmond Road [Cost Estiemate £3M]

6) Remove the 'No cycling' signs in the pedestrianised bit of Clarence Street [cost approx fifty quid to take them down]

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