2012 Priority Campaign: Love thy Neighbourhood

What do you think about making this the priority campaign for cyclists in the 2012 London elections:
Love thy Neighbourhood
A doubling of local journeys made by bike within the next mayoralty
more details ...   http://lcc.org.uk/pages/neighbourhoods


  • By mike_c at 1:23pm 25 July 2011

I think neighbourhood cycle journeys are key to making cycling conditions better all over London.

Measures such as bollards preventing through rat-running motor traffic are really cheap and quick to install but can make residential streets much quieter more pleasant places to live (and maybe even play)

I believe traffic-calming measures on small streets are just as crucial as segregated routes on the busiest routes

Usefully, there are plenty of examples where this has already been implemented in London, such as de Beauvoir town in Hackney 

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