2012 Priority Campaign: Unwind - Gyratories

What do you think about making this the priority campaign for cyclists in the 2012 London elections:
Unwind  Gyratories    

Replace London's 10 worst one-way systems with cycle-friendly junctions within the next mayoralty
more details ...  http://lcc.org.uk/pages/gyratories 


  • By Essuu at 5:24pm 5 July 2011


New around here so maybe I missed it but which gyratories are considered to be the 10 worst in London ?


  • By emrobs at 9:00am 6 July 2011

aldgate, park lane, bishopsgate, victoria... there's so many to choose from I'm not sure '10' cuts it.


In the meantime,   has anyone received a voting form?   I received the original email advising about the vote but I'm not a paid-up member - does that mean I don't get a vote?

  • By ma499 at 7:11pm 6 July 2011

10 gyratories was picked as an achieveable target as they are expensive and time-consuming to remove. Deciding on a shortlist for which we would want on that 10 is something we'd work on, with local groups, if this theme was selected.


@emrobs: the voting forms have gone out by email to paid-up members. We think it's only fair that they should make the decision rather than the public at large. Perhaps we shoudl have made that clear. Of course if you join up quickly we'll make sure you get a vote :-)

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