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It sounds as if 20 mph limits are going to be introduced quite widely in areas of London. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/london-could-see-20mph-speed-limit-on-nearly-all-residential-streets-by-2020-8648655.html.

Is this really a benefit to cyclists? I often go faster than 20mph on my bike so will have to use a bike computer and be careful not to speed. I suppose if it's restricted to residential streets I can live with it, but I hope it doesn't get applied too widely.

I live near Regent's Park where road cyclists often go around the Outer Circle at speeds that must be close to 30mph. This is a residential area (albeit a very expensive one). I hope a reduced limit won't be introduced there - it would seem very unfair to people who want to get some exercise.

Personally as a cylist I'm quite  happy with the current speed limits. 

Any thoughts?



Perhaps you are lucky and don't live on or have to cycle through a rat run everyday. Its not just cyclists who suffer on these roads its also pedestrians.

Narrow roads also lead to a lot of people being scared to ride on the road when cars zoom past at speeds well over 20mph.

One of the biggest constraints to getting more cyclists on the road is the terror and intimidation people feel as cars zoom past them.

I must admit thought that I am not capable of maintiaing speeds heigher than 20mph so I wouldn't have to watch my speed.

Major thoroughfares, if we manage to implement go-dutch principles, won't need to be 20mph as cyclists will be segregated from the traffic.

Interestingly, speed limits don't apply to bikes, only to motor vehicles..

Interestingly, speed limits don't apply to bikes, only to motor vehicles..

I often hear this quoted, even by individuals who know what they're talking about on this issue, but I think it needs a [citation needed]. See for instance Rule 69 of the highway code and the statement at the start of the cycling section that the other rules apply to cyclists too.

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  • By fernlyn at 2:10pm 16 July 2013

I cant see this 20mph ever happening in Merton. Has to be the most bike unfrendly place in london.
I ride to work in wimbeldon every day and there no provison for cyclists around Winbeldon Staton at all. There is a quite nasty one way traffic system with no cycle lanes. There are bike racks but you have to push yoyur bike 100 yards to get to one or ride on the pavement and the police will book you, I sometimes see them standing near the bike racks waiting for someone to ride up so they can book them.

Have to add that the 20mph limit is great idea. Not just for bikes but for children and old people.

  • By Monica at 7:01pm 16 July 2013

20mph are as much about pedestrians as cyclists. We know that very young children  and elderly people, as well as people with sensory or physical impairments, are not able to judge the speed of traffic as well as others. It has been shown also that 20mph reduces pollution and emissions, eases traffic flow and generally leads to calmer streets. Whilst it is not the be all and end all for cyclist safety by any stretch of the imagination, we know that speed is a major contributory factor to collisions as well as the severity of collisions. Introducing 20mph could be a relatively quick and inexpensive way to slowing things down and sends out a clear message about safety and how we should consider our most vulnerable residents in our communities. This includes not just us  cyclists, but others too.

Does anyone really need to ride at more than 20mph when commuting ?

the biggest benefit of 20mph areas when cycling is that motorists mostly refrain from overtaking you when you are pushing  a bit. That allows you to take the middle of the road and free you from the blind-door opening doom.


Remember that there was no way Sam Harding was able to escape his fate while no one was found guilty.

How do we prevent that from happening again ?

I think 20mph limit are a step in the right direction.




I live on a new housing development. We have 20mph speed limits implemented widely. I use a Garmin which is a fairly accurate speedometer, but I still find car drivers try to get past me even when cycling near 20mph.

I support 20mph speed limits, but it's only any good if it is enforced.

In general 20 mph limits are self enforced. It only takes one car to dirve at 20 mph for everyone to have to drie at that speed. Unfortunately there are always some who are going to break the limit.

It (20mph) works well in Islington. Strangely, it has a greater effect on the main roads (also 20mph in Islington), where drivers tend to adhere to the limit more than back road - possibly because they think they are more likely to be caught.

how many more cyclists are going to die on our roads before something is done about it everyone talks about it but no one including LCC in my opinion are doing anything about it .

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