21,770 bike thefts reported to Met Police in 2012

The statistics published by the Met Police show that 21,770 bikes were reported to them as stolen in 2012.

Met Police statistics

The Excel spreadsheets show offences (Offs) by borough and month. Column 'Y' has figures for 'Taking/ Theft of Pedal Cycles'. Does anyone know what the 'SD' prefix on half the tabs are? I'm guessing it's something to do with detection.  There are also spreadsheets showing data by wards within each borough which may be used to identify 'hotter' areas.

In Kingston 480 were reported stolen which is 8.4% reduction on 2011 reports. Thefts from railway station property aren't recorded by the police and may be recorded by the British Transport Police. Has anyone found any figures for thefts from railway stations in London by borough? 

In Kingston last year we got the council/ police to put stickers on all the bike stands in town with advice about how to lock your bike. We also did some sessions inspecting how people had locked their bikes and left them written advice about what they could improve.


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