3,381 (2.8% of working age population) in Kingston cycle to work

According to the Office of National Statistics, the 2011 census found that 2.8% of the working age population (16-74) cycle to work for the major part of their journey - so it doesn't identify all those cycling to stations as cyclists.

Nowhere near as large a proportion as in Oxford or Cambridge (or even Merton), but a higher percentage than in other neighbouring boroughs (maybe because we don't have a tube or a tram system?)

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  • By paul at 10:09am 4 February 2013

4.4% in Richmond upon Thames (which does have a bit of a tube in one corner).

I wouldn't give successive councils much credit though.

I kind of agree Paul - the increase in cycling to my mind has been because of the trend for increased fitness, triathlons, better bikes for commuting and the improved 'image' of cycling as something that is fashionable/ cool. Frustration with other transport modes contribues too. Here and there facilities have improved but I don't recognise big changes, though I am thankful for improved cycle parking (e.g. at Richmond station, Norbiton and Surbiton).

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