'£4 million cycle track' for Tolworth - work starts

Work has started on the ground in preparation for a £4 million pound scheme to enhance Tolworth Broadway, including removal of the central guard rail between the carriageways and replacement with a central 'greenway'.

Lighting columns have been moved or replaced in preparation for extensive re-paving of the footways, decluttering, new street trees and seating.

There will be toucan crossings on the Tolworth roundabout meaning that cyclists can cross this busy junction without circulating on the carriageway or using the pedestrian subways.

Controversially, architects have specified that the shared-use 'greenway' will be laid in a variety of shades of green like an immense green stripey snake.

The surface level crossings towards the railway station from the Broadway are welcome. It remains to be seen whether the central greenway will be popular. Part of Tolworth Broadway is currently has a speed limit of 20 mph.

There is the potential to link with Dutch-style off-carriageway cycle paths to the south of the railway at Tolworth that were constructed back in the 1930's or 40's.  




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  • By paul at 5:10pm 22 December 2012

Hmm interesting - pity neither has a plan of the proposed works.

At the moment you have a wide cycle path on the west side of the A240 from Ewell but that just dies before Tolworth Station. I hope that this will link to the path.

There's more information about this scheme here: http://tinyurl.com/tolworth-greenway-drawing


 The scheme does not go as far as the railway bridge. We will press for Tesco to make the cycle track continous from south of the railway to meet up with this 'Greenway' scheme. Drawing does not have dimensions. Wonder how wide they propose to make the central greenway?

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For details of Tesco's planning application (June 2012) see


page 109 appendix F for the Highway details (no connection with the existing A240 Kingston Road cycle tracks shown. Appendix H for the dis-jointed 'cycle network'.




  • By AsharSeo at 7:31am 16 February 2015

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