Abandoned barricades causing hazards around London

  • By Stily1 on at 4:59am 14 June 2012
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it's been nearly two weeks since the Queen's River Pageant, yet there are crowd-control barricades littering the streets and footpaths (Chelsea Embankment, Albert Bridge, to name two areas). These things are now CAUSING CONGESTION AND DANGEROUS SITUATIONS such as pedestrians having to step into the road to get around them. 

It's a classic case of something intended to enhance safety in fact contributing to the problem, down to aparrent lack of due care in the actual application.

Are they 'storing' these things there for the olympics? Can they not afford to have these things properly cleared up and stored? Is there a contractor that needs a kicking?

And besides, they look rubbish. Come on London, do your job. Does anybody have the ear of an appropriate person?

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