Advanced stop lanes

I've recently noticed real aggression in the ASL from scooters and motorbikes.  They all pull up into the ASL and, as I am usually in the left hand corner of the box, proceed to take off right in front of me to turn left.  First of all, they are not supposed to be in the box.  Secondly, when I once indicated to one of the riders that I was going straight he proceeded to give me a very sarcastic tirade of abuse!  Motorists always want cyclists to obey the highway code, I think it's about time motorbike and scooter riders did too.


Quite agree - see today's news that the police are supposed to be "on the case"

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If you're going straight, why are you on the left of the box and not in the middle?  That surely is the point of the box.

The community support police were out again in Southwark this morning telling vans and lorries to keep out of the boxes. They now have had a week's warning, so next week i hope the police start fining them, its the only way some will stop. Then maybe the police can start on all the vans and lorries driving around texting. I am guessing the police are getting fed up attending road fatalities and at last are doing something about it. I wish the Police would go undercover on bikes and nick aggressive motorists/vans/lorries/taxis.

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By the way, bike boxes are not always a good thing. On various crossroads up Mile End Road you are much safer to go behind the first car when turning right rather than being all vulnerable up front. I learnt this the hard way the other week when I nearly got killed by a tipper lorry turning right at crazy Cambridge Heath Road junction. Or just get off on left and cross as a pedestrian, much safer on big junctions.

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