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  • By moo on at 1:12pm 16 February 2012
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Hi All!

I'm currently beginning training for the Alpine Challenge in September. As a complete novice cyclist (I used to do downgill MTB when I was a nipper but literally nothing since!) - I need to start using a bike (in process of purchasing one!) asap, and as much as possible.

I live in Walthamstow, and plan to ride to and from work every day while daylight hours are friendly, I work in Farringdon.

I've only ever ridden bikes around the Isle of Man, which is quiet and not all that dangerous. So the prospect of cycling in the city really scares me, I don't drive and don't have the greatest amount of road sense at the best of times!

So basically, if anyone has any tips or advice, or even just routes - or if anyone rides from Walthy to the Kings X area at all and would like a novice partner :P any information or do's & dont's etc, very greatfully recieved!

Thanks :)

Moo x


First join LCC and read London Cyclist; you may have done this!

then, email (and/or your employer, and/or your workplace local authority) and and ask about Bikeability levels 1, 2, and 3 training, which will equip you spectacularly well. There may even be funding possibilities. 

They will be welcoming and supportive and you may get an offer of a "buddied" ride to work, too!

Or you could get cracking immediately with CTUK

Bikeability is like advanced driving for cyclists, is the National Standard, and will change your life. Enjoy it all. It is an investment that pays real dividends.


  • By moo at 5:04pm 16 February 2012


Thanks very much for the info! I've just registered with the TFL training scheme, just waiting on a reply from Islington Council so I can do a course near work :)

Also planning on joining the Waltham Forest LCC, I'll probably head over to their meeting on Tuesday next week - though I haven't bought a new bike yet, off to find something road/raceworth in next couple of weeks, can't wait!

I'm guessing I'll just dress myself up like a Christmas Tree at a 90's rave and hope that drivers see me :P




Reading "Cyclecraft" by John Franklin (Library/Amazon) would be good while you are waiting for your courses, and stimulates the brain function nicely. 

I'd advise not buying a bike on your own - work out what you want/need with a cyclist, first.  And you'll get a reduction in price with your LCC membership! WalthamForest LCC is a good place to start. ;-)

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