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I've recently been fined for allegedly not stopping at red light. I say allegedly because I was stopped about 0.4mi after the junction - and I could honestly not remember what happened. I was also told by the police that I almost cut off a pedestrian, which was simply not true.

Anyway, I've just exhamined the penalty notice, and realised that the officer made an additional mistake, by citing the place of the incident as two roads that don't form a junction, in fact they're in two different neighbourhoods!

Does anyone know whether there is any alternative to taking this to court to challenge it? And also what my chances would be based on this discrepancy?




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Do you believe the officer? If you do then I suppose the thing to do would be to accept the PCN irrespective of the technicality. However motorists contest PCN's on technicalities all the time for parking, and other offences as they feel they are 'hard done by', so I don't see why someone riding a bike shouldn't if they have grounds. If the location on the notice was factually wrong I think you have a strong case. Never having had a PCN myself I don't know what your options are but I guess you have an option to contest - does that mean indicating that you prefer to go to court. Is there an option simply to write back stating your reasons for not beliving the PCN is not sound? You say you were stopped 0.4 mile after the junction. Did the police see the alleged offence and follow you and stop you or was the person who gave you the PCN someone who'd been radioed by an officer at the junction?

If you are are normally a red light jumper then pay up if not then contest it. Only you know that.

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