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Hi - I extensively used the advice section on the old LCC website, and pointed many people to it. When is this going to be up again? For months now, clicking on the advice section takes me a series of pages which simply say they are under construction.

I'm sorry to be negative, but actually I find the new website far less helpful that the last one. Maybe I'll get used to it, but we've lost the news section and the advice section, and they were the bits I used most!



This website needs to start feeling like its being run by people and not siting idle.

The forum needs to serious shake up and and much old school bulletin board style.

And more comments from staff to users comments.

Your Staff are doing a fine job - but staff have to deal with the priorities of the day. An answer is for all of us to sell more memberships and generate more unrestricted funding to enable a larger staff. See you all on the 12th at Blackfriars. 

Thanks for the comments - we had a meeting about this last week and are trying to input more into the forums - it's difficult with limited resources at times and other priorities but we are working on it. Hoepfully you can see the Blog section has up-to-date and relevant news, and the new FAQs part of the Advice section should be up and running soon.

This is a great site. I was seriously injured while on my bike, still no apology, no compensation, still deeply, more and more affected by what happened to me and my family. Is there *any* sort of justice in the UK or is it just darwinism on the road. Only the fittest seem to survive in the UK today. On the roads more and more huge cars, tinted windows, speeding, no respect, what can be done ?

I may have missed it - but there does not seem to be any mention of the importance of good bike lights in the Advice section - it should be a heading in its own right.

As you will see from my new forum post in General, it is my bugbear - but I really think that when every motorised vehicle has bright lights on from before dusk that LCC should be encouraging cyclists to use good lights for their own safety.

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