AGM news?

Is there any news from last nights AGM? I know there will have been many more important issues discussed but hopefully the plans will have been shelved for changing the name of our organisation - I’m also hopeful that the logo gets the boot too!


Looking forward to hearing more news soon.


This may not meet your need but

The motion to change the name was withdrawn but will be discussed after the Mayoral Elections according to the other motion that was passed, amended I think.  The motion to review the logo was voted out.

Nick TITTLE, Richmond Cycling Campaign 

Unfortunately the logo didn't get the boot.  Voting figures for the motion on reviewing the blobby design were 34, against 'over 50' (exact figure not announced)  and abstentions 14.  The chair said the decision was 'overwhelming'.  Part of the argument against the motion was the potential cost of redesign, which suggests that regardless of members' views rebranding has dveloped its own momentum. 

Apologies to those relying on this resolution for the lack of canvassing before the AGM

Please note the unambiguous bicycles on the THW vigil leaflet



This content was deleted by London Cycling Campaign at 3:42pm 19 November 2011.

Were you not impressed by the overall presentation on the evening that staff had put together?

The T-shirts, presentations, boards, goody-bags, and so on...

None of that would have been possible if we hadn't given LCC's image a badly refresh during 2011 

The motion was defeated because a clear majority agreed it was a pointless distraction from what we really need to be doing... changing London for the better

  • By darditti at 7:22pm 20 November 2011

I m surprise LCC has not published on the site the text of the Emergency Motion that was passed (unless it is hidden somewhere). This is rather important, and should be remedied.

David Arditti

Brent Cyclists coordinator

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