All Party Parliamentary Cycle Group report - how should the cycling community respond?

The report from the APPCG to the Government offers us an opportunity to push cycling up the agenda and move things in a more constructive direction.  Can the range of cycling organisations / interest groups do this, or is this the time to have a single Cycling Coalition of all groups pushing together with the implementation of this report's recommendations as the main focus? 


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  • By GrahamB at 1:33pm 25 April 2013

I agree that a coalition is what's required, but I've just read the report and I'm disappointed by the lack of teeth and radical proposals.

Understood, it is not any kind of policy proposal, but after all this consultation how and when will the criticism of the police over speed limits and introduction of better education for children, for instance, be evidenced in results?

Only when urban cycling proficiency becomes part of the driving test, and thus it becomes the "Roads Use Test", will things change fundamentally.  


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