Almost killed on Blackfriars Bridge (again)

Riding North over Blackfriars bridge and heading up toward Farringdon Road, I was almost completely taken off my bike by a stream of cars turing left onto the Embankment, totally cutting through the bike lane. The problem is that (inexplicably) the bike lane markings come to an abrupt stop at the traffic light and do not continue across the junction.

The junction there has just been extensively redesigned. Did no one consider this?

Look forward to hearing if anyone else has experienced similar dangers at this busy intersection where hundreds of bike commuters must ride every day.




  • By annie at 7:30pm 28 August 2014

That really is a junction I avoid as much as possible.

I am almost killed regularly despit my best efforts, going south from Kennington Rd to Brixton Rd (or worse still from the Oval to the same route which is worse.)

At the turn to Brixton Rd, the cycle lane is on the left, nearside, and I need to turn right, but the cars can go across your path from either lane. If however you are cycling near the middle to avoid this, cars from the offside lane can try to turn either left or right across your path.

The only thing to do is to be sure to be at the front of a red light to get away fast.

There have been several serious acccidents there. s`omethig really must be done about it.


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