Are you a booger on the road of life?

  • By Stily1 on at 4:39pm 21 March 2012
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I really don't get it. It's the London commute, it's crowded, and you pull up on the right at the light, move to the front, probably well beyond your clearly-defined limit line, probably into the pedestrian right-of-way, probably into an area where a lorry running wide would squash you like a bug......and then when the light changes you're slow as molASSes off the line? Just plain in the way. And far from the curb where you belong.

Why the fukc did you bother?!

Do you think it's "cool" or just "what you do"?!

Really. I'm serious. WTF?


relax, go round them, and keep smiling!


 - usually they've pulled so far forward that they can't see the lights change !

  • By Stily1 at 5:44am 26 April 2012

Exactly! And what about all you wannabe French road racers with your 18+ speed racing bicycles who can't be arsed to downshift at a stoplight, so now, yet again, you're nothing but slow and in the way when it's time to GET A MOVE ON? Hello?  

Okay, so maybe you're too poor to replace your running gear when it packs up so you make your bike into one of these one-speeds, but to do this.....because it's London? Get over yourself. 

And install an effective fender! It's London, the roads are crowded, it rains a LOT, I don't appreciate the road spooge flying off of your rear tire into my face because you can't be bothered to consider your social contract with those you share the road. 

And by effective, I *don't* include these flat mountain-bike fenders that might keep the mud off your own arse, but do NOTHING about that rooster tail you're launching at the riders behind you.

Hello people, in a crowded society you *are* expected to consider your fellow persons.

Other cyclists are the worst part of my daily London cycle ride. It's no wonder the rest of the world hates us.

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