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The big idea,

Artists need people to come to there Open Studios to sell their Art work at half of the price you would find in Galleries. My idea is to join LCC with Arts Group's around London, like KAOS, Kingston Art Open Studio where I am based, but this could apply all over London, Most studio's are off the beaten track so do not get passing trade. 

So cycling from one studio to another has two advantages no problem with parking and most of the time you would be on back roads. The evens are well cataloged in some areas like the Surrey Open studio's which publishes a catalogue of address and opening times.

I would like to canvas any one who reads this for their thoughts.




BTW, I hope the 'canvas/ canvass' line was an intended pun!


Hello Myles, Encouraging people to cycle between studios rather than drive seems an excellent idea. I noticed an open studio in June on Latchmere Road and I think there were some bikes parked outside.

Some years ago in the New Forest I chanced upon an open studios event and it was lovely just dropping in to have a look, and maybe a tea.

In an urban environment I think it would be a great idea to produce a map and show a recommended route between the venues. I guess though that you might be art-fatigued after 7 studios. I guess you'd have no start/ finish. How would you get a 3'x4' canvass home if you did decide to buy?!

BTW, I've often wondered about a cycling trail around local public art e.g. the Parkley's statue and Surbiton dolphins etc etc. It's do-able.

Kingston Arts Open Studios

Please get in touch if Kingston Cyclists can help with route planning, publicity or something,


Jon Fray (Kingston Cyclists)


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