• By Kepi192 on at 9:51pm 14 November 2013
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Two days ago, sat at the lights in an advanced stop box a police car pulled up right along side me. I tapped on his window to get his attention , pointed at the 'bike box' and asked him what he was doing. his response was to tell me to f~&*@"f! What chance have we got against black cabs and buses?!


  • By Stily1 at 1:54pm 15 November 2013

Wish you had that on film!

  • By Elvina at 5:24pm 18 November 2013


  • By showes at 5:35pm 18 November 2013

The met police has a complaints form please go and fill it out and put as much detail as you can. Its fine to talk about it here but unless you register a complaint they will never do anything about it.

  • By Kepi192 at 12:24am 20 November 2013

Unfotunately my phone was switched off so unable to capture details. Also, was paying more attention to the lights and traffic than to the ignorant 'wooden top'. In future will try make sure phone is on and in pocket, not off and in pannier!!

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