Bad image on LCC Insurance advert in the latest newsletter

The latest newsletter, and this web link:


both show an image of a cyclist with white t-shirt and a backpack cycling in the gutter, in between the double yellow lines. Would it not be possible to use a better picture that promotes good cycling practice with the cyclist three feet out from the kerb, instead of a gutter nutter?


Whoops, that's a rotating advert, so it might not show up on the web link every time. Its the advert for "Peace of mind with third party insurance cover", btw.

Seen it, should be changed really.

Any comments from LCC??

  • By Stily1 at 6:45am 7 March 2012

Is this akin to a BMW advert that used to run in the US years ago, that shows example after example of very poor driving (the driver doing all sorts of things you should never do) but "getting away with it" because they're driving a BMW? So this insurance advert is scaring people into buying their insurance by showing a cyclist being irresponsible? Priceless!


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