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  • By Wbenkin on at 11:40am 6 August 2013
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Does anyone know the most straightforward way of flagging up stretches of roads that are dangerously potholed? Specifically I am trying to make a complaint about a stretch of road between Surrey Quays and Deptford which is used by a huge number of cyclists as a commuting route. I think it falls under Southwark Council. 

It's such a dangerous piece of road that is both too narrow without a cycle lane and rutted to puncture enducing degrees of which I have experienced several times. 

I'm trying to locate some way of lobbying for improvements in cycle safety for that stretch. 



  • By paul at 6:42pm 6 August 2013

Use :

fill that hole

Provided by CTC but you don't have to be a member.


I agree that road is terrible. Some of it is likely to be LB Lewisham.

Most of the potholes are in Southwark, but Evelyn Street and Creek Road are not much better, so there is neglect of the highway in Lewisham as well as Southwark.

Given the volumes of traffic on the A200, I find it surprising that the road east of the Rotherhithe Tunnel is not part of the TfL Road Network. That's not to say that the state of its surface would be any better under TfL management, but it's clearly a busy arterial road that no-one in authority wants to see subject to delays resulting from major resurfacing work.

How bad does it need to be before the relevant authorities act?


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