Barclays Bikes

I was nearly squeezed off the road by a white van last night. Then I noticed the Barclays logo on his side. Yes, he was transporting Boris Bikes! Do you think they are trying to kill off the competition?


We agree that putting more motor traffic on the road to relocate bikes is crazy.

We'd like to see TfL come up with some innovative incentives to keep the bikes where they need to be.

What if:

- you get charged extra for taking a bike from a stand with only a few left, or returning a bike to a stand with few spaces

- you receive money for taking a bike from a full or nearly full stand, or for returning a bike to a stand that is almost or completely empty.

So if you have free time and want to do exercise and earn money, you can run around London relocating the hire bikes!

I think incentives are better than disincentives ... ie, you shouldn't be penalised for using the bikes as such, but given a good reason to relocate bikes

TfL could probably get unemployed people or students to do it for free Oyster credit

or, like you say, some people might do it to keep fit

any of these must be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than driving bikes around the city every day

  • By Teri at 11:10pm 13 April 2012

Wow .. what brilliant ideas... I haven't even managed to extricate one from its stand yet... Hats off to Barclays Bikers... I think they are fab.. and yes, I do think the van drivers are out to kill us... I didn't realise why though.  I'm glad those low trailers are seen less now though..   Do you remember when the scheme was new and they'd pull up next to a stand and start unloading the bicycles INTO the traffic!! ??

Is anyone else having problems uploading rides info to this site... btw?



How does one rent a bike without a cradit card ? Is this not just one big Barclaycard promotion ?

One can use any credit card. And you can pay an annual fee so you don't have to use a credit card at all. So, no, its not just a barclaycard promotion although they expect to get their free adverts through sponsorship.


  • By A-C at 9:52am 28 April 2012

I think getting people to move them around for credit is a great idea, the LCC should suggest it to Boris.

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