Has anyone else almost cycled into the emergency vehicle only gate on Bartholomew Road? Its particullarly dangerous at night.  the street in one  for car but not for bikes


Have written as follow to the Council 


the kentish town road end of  Bartholomew Road is one way to most vehicle but 2 ways to cyclists.  this is due to an emergency exist game.  When heading west at night the gate is poorly lit and because it is painted black, very hard to spot on a bicycle, even at a moderate speed.  
Potentially this is a serious risk waiting to happen!  
By painting a white strip or sticking reflective on the rear of the barrier would go some considerable way to reducing this risk  both simply and cost effectively 
Please act soon before someone is hurt.  


  • By gegi at 4:50pm 29 April 2012

I have seen that some of these barriers have had white lines painted on them. It works very well. Camden will be able to afford that.

Painting the barrier isn't sufficient. It is concealed from view as you enter the cycle lane and continues to be concealed if there are vehicles parked in the designated bay to the left of the cycle lane. The priority sign then takes your view up when you should be looking down. The stop line is very close to the barrier and the cycle lane guides you straight into the barrier. 

I hit the barrier at low speed in daylight on Wed 28th Aug 2013 and spent the morning in Casualty being patched up. It could have been much worse. Local residents (who were lovely) said this has happened several times.

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