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A useful cycle gap in Bayswater has suddenly vanished.

Gaps in the closure of Cleveland Square at its junction with Leinster Gardens have been closed by a footway paving project.

How it was:
How it was
How it is now:
How it is

The road was closed in 1986 to prevent kerb-crawling around the Cleveland Square area. A Traffic Management Order exempted cycles from the closure. To our knowledge, this order has not been revoked.

We have reminded Westminster that they have a policy to ‘consider, when undertaking all traffic management schemes and other road works, the particular needs of and the vulnerability of cyclists in order to provide a safe and direct route for them.’ The old arrangement did not do much for the appearance of the street; but it should be possible to implement a less obtrusive scheme to allow cyclists through the closure.


The gap hasn't exactly vanished.  The photo of the works suggest they were building some sort of wall, but they didn't.  The bollards have gone and the stretch of road "Keep Clear" has been replaced by a stretch of pavement a couple of feet wide which takes a second to cycle over.  If I had seen the workmen doing this I would have suggested a bit of dropped kerb in the pavement for bicyles to avoid bumping tyres on the edge.

  • By showes at 1:28am 4 December 2013

Thats a great step backwards. Once people park blocking the way it will be a pain in the arse. Are they going to put in a drop kerp and a keep clear so this route can keep being used or do I now have to lug my bike over the kerb and wiggle between parked cars from now on?

There is a double yellow line on one side of it, and a single yellow on the other, so hopefully not too much parking going on

  • By showes at 11:16pm 9 December 2013

If stuff this simple cant even be sorted for cycling I give up hope. That this is acceptable is just sad. I dont want to have to drag my bike up a kerb and back down again and I am fully able. If I was riding a cargo bike or a something hevelly loaded its even more of a pain. I dont want my route obstructed. I very much doubt the double yellow lines will be respected and that cycling is left out of the planning yet again is just wonderful.

Is this really the final state of this with no plan to make it better ?

Westminster have now admitted that this was an error. They intend to provide some sort of cross-over or gap for cyclists and emergency vehicles.

I wonder how the emergency services felt when their route was removed, apparently without prior warning! 

Any word on when they will rectify the error?

Here's a photo showing that WCC has put things right - possibly a while ago, as I don't usually cycle this way:

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