Beckenham: road on cycle route becoming increasingly edgy - best way to report this?


I cycle into town from Beckenham and use Worsley Bridge Road which runs from Brackley Road BR3 down to the Waterlink Way. I've noticed this road is increasingly becoming something of a rat run for boy racers and van drivers who blast along it at 40mph+, with the usual side order of tailgating and dangerous overtaking.

There's one of those "slow down" roadside speed sensors half way along which is pretty much permanently lit up red. No other traffic calming measures though.

Given that this road is flagged as a cycle friendly route on several online route planners, and far more worryingly has school facilities on either side of the road, I think someone, somewhere ought to be looking into this.

I've submitted a message via the TFL website but was wondering if there was a more effective way of doing this, and whether there are any other Bromley cyclists who feel the same about this stretch of road?




Maybe try writing to the local council traffic department. I don't think TfL will have anything to do with it if it is not a major road.

  • By smsm1 at 5:20pm 31 March 2012

I have alerted the cycling officer regarding this post. You can contact the cycling team at Bromley Council by using the email addres cycling AT

  • By JHW at 11:50am 11 November 2012
I am pleased to report, that in response to this, absolutely nothing has happened. Doubtless this status quo will endure until there is an accident when there will be much wringing of hands and then nothing more will happen; unless of course it is a celebrity or politician who happens to be involved, when there will be a load of adverse publicity and some junior council officer will find him/herself blamed and remedial action will be immediately instigated.

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