Best route from CS7 to CS3?

I've just started cycling in from Earlsfield to Canary Wharf. I take the CS7 from Clapham and link up with the CS3 from Royal Mint Street - what's the best route to get from the CS3 (Southwark Bridge) to the CS7 (Royal Mint Street)?

is it just along Upper then Lower Thames Street, then the loop up Minories-Goodman's Yard-Mansell? Or are there better back roads going straight after Southwark Bridge instead of right into Upper Thames?

I seemed to be the only cyclist going right and got stuck behind a lot of traffic opposite the Tower where there was no space to go left or right of the cars due to narrowness of the road.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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To get from Earlsfield to Canary Wharf you don't have to link the endpoint of CS7 (Southwark Bridge) with the beginning of CS3 (Cable Street)

As you can see from this crude 'crow flies' route from Earlsfield to Tower Bridge, Southwark Bridge isn't necessarily the best bridge to cross:

We'd use Tower Bridge, which is more direct, reasonably comfortable (20mph traffic and often slower during rush hour).

If you take care along the route from Tower Bridge to CS3, it's a quick and direct route.

You can use the route planner on our homepage (and trial and error) to find a quick and comfortable route from CS7 to Tower Bridge.

I'd probably turn off just before Kennington station, and take back streets to the Bricklayers Arms roundabout before heading up Tower Bridge Road.

If you're determined to use CS7/3, then going north and then along Leadenhall is probably better than Lower Thames Street, which should be avoided.

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