Bicycle on London Underground - Epping to Richmond

Hi all

Please can someone give me links for current cycle carriage policy/prices.

In the '90s I used to take my bike between the two.  Though it meant getting out at Stratford, cycling to a Dstrict line surface station, whose name escapes me at the mo. and  even having a nice road to cycle up at Richmond station.

Thanks in anticipation for your help.

Cycling Cat


This link should give you the info you're after.

Thanks veryrarelystable for the link

But the map is wrong - I defininetly got out at Stratford not Leyton.  Is this another example of the Games messing things up?

Cycling Cat

I can recommend the overground from Stratford to Richmond - arguably the carriages are better for bikes. The view is better. And as it doesn't go through the centre of town, the number of zones is small and the fare is ridiculously cheap !!

Thanks hestonlad

What is the line called?  There used to be a service to Broad Street from Richmond in the '80s!

Cycling Cat

  • By paul at 10:06pm 21 January 2012

It is "London Overground"

Thanks Paul

I still don't know where to look for prices

How about

or the single fare-finder at

says it it is £1.40 (Oyster) off-peak Stratford to Richmond


or £5.30 anytime cash for Epping to Richmond.......

Thanks hestonlad

This oyster clam makes things complicated.  Because I am travelling outside commmuting  times, doing single journeys and only coming into London 3 times per year, I definetly feel penalsed.


As I pointed out in reply #2 the cycle map is wrong - the restriction on bicycles starts at Stratford, not Leyton.  I know that much!

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