Bike buddy - Finchley to Kings Cross/London Bridge

I have a colleague who is keen to start cycling to work, but not confident on the roads.  I talked to someone at RideLondon about a bike buddy scheme where a seasoned rider accompanies novice until they are happy & confident with their commute.  As it doesn't apply to me, I didn't take any details & now can't find any information on it online!  Does anyone know about this scheme, perhaps run in connection with the Mayor's office/Barclays cycle hire/TfL...?

Alternatively, her route will be from Finchley to London Bridge, at first once per week.  Is there anyone out there that already does this route that would be happy to help?  (I could take over for the Kings Cross to London Bridge segment.)  I have found the Camden Commuter Sky Ride this Sunday, but need to link it up to East Finchley.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Jen,

I do Finchley to Camden via Archway. It's main roads and possibly not the best for someone who is not a confident cyclist. Happy to show her the route on a weekend when it might be quieter if she's interested, but I'm afraid I might lose her on a normal commute.

email if you want to discuss further:


Hi Jen, 


Great to hear your colleague is keen to start cycling to work. 

The 'Bike Buddy' scheme you refer to was probably mentioned by the cycle trainers working for TfL at Ride London in Green Park. They were encouraging people to take up cycle training sessions, which are cheap or free in most London boroughs where you live work or study.

Unfortunately, Barnet Council scrapped cycle training for adults, so Camden Council (which might be where your friend works?) would be your best bet. Once registered, a cycle trainer will contact you, and may be able to accompany your friend on a commute at a weekend to practice.

We recommend all cyclists, even seasoned commuters should take up some cycle training - you never know what you might learn!


Thanks both for your replies & sorry for the delay in mine!

Thanks for the very kind offer Tom - that's a pretty busy route you do via Archway & I agree, I'm not sure it'll be the best for her, but I'll mention it & email if she wants to take you up on it.

She actually did the Camden Commuter Sky Ride the other week & it has given her a confidence boost & a good route to Kings X.  So I'm going to "pick her up" from Kings & show her the cross-London bit tomorrow.  It's actually forced me to find a quieter route to take her on, which has been interesting in itself! 

Thanks too for the TfL links - I did search, but didn't find that page, I'll point her towards it.  It was the Green Park cycle trainers that mentioned it - shame Barnet doesn't do it anymore.  Will check out Southwark as it's where we work.

I agree on the training.  I undertook quite a rigorous cycling proficiency training at school, including on road training, & have never forgotten the lessons.  Knowing what to do in traffic & at junctions is vital.
Thanks all & happy cycling!


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