Bike hire in bulk - enquiry

MCC has an enquiry from Germany - we think it is serious.
"looking for rental bicycles. Starting from  July 25th until August 12th, 2012
I need an amount of approx. fourty boneshakers (20 at Blackwall and 20 at Excel (Near City Airport).
For insurance reasons,  the bicycles should actually be rented by each employee individually.
Still, I would be interested in making an upfront-reservation for a certain quantity of bicycles
for our staff allready."

We'd be grateful for suggestions as to who might be able to meet this commercial enquiry.


  • By gegi at 8:46am 16 September 2011

Fourty Boneshakers? Is this a particular bike or just a term to describe aluminium framed hybrids?

They seem to be very specific about the type of bike. why?

40 - sorry! (Faulty editing is my forte).


"boneshakers" because they probably mean they are not looking for spanking-new models.

  • By Jon Fray at 4:35pm 16 September 2011

Guess what? I'd recommend Kingston Eco-op !

It's a bit of a tall order, but they're currently fulfilling an order to sell 24 bikes to Kingston Council. Of course it'd be interesting what standard of bike is needed and for what purpose, but I'm sure Eco-op would love to sell 40x£40 bikes if they had them..... and then take them away at the end for free.

Give them a call 020 8942 5503



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  • By WICnext at 4:18pm 25 November 2011

Hi Charles,

We started with the export of a classic Dutch bike brand Union. We also have special rental bikes available. If this could be interesting I would like to contact you by phone or email. Our email adres is, Skype WICnext and our export models are online

This link shows the rental model;



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