bike jacking robbery in viccy park

I was bike jacked in viccy park on sunday 14th October at 6.45pm, just after dusk, three youths jumped me on the wide path between Gunmaker's wharf and where Old ford road crosses the Hertford union canal.It's very dark there, I was grabbed from the side, fell off and was repeatedly punched and kicked by silent assailants. It was so dark that I could have been anyone, on any bike. All they could have seen was my front light. I ran to the road after kicking one of them off me, I called the police who arrived in about 4 minutes! they where plain clothes robbery squad in an unmarked mondeo, I jumped in the back and we screamed around the area at breakneck speeds following two of the squad on foot who had already spotted three likely suspects. One was caught but the other two where on bikes (one mine!?) and escaped only to be apprehended later that evening as they where either recognised or known associates, my bike was not recovered. I attended a video id parade the next day and that evening was informed by the detective assigned to the case that the three suspects had been charged, bailed, banned from entering Victoria Park, would appear in court and where now subject to a nightime curfew! Thats three of them stopped for a while at least!  I am now back in the saddle on a much cheaper option and have faced my fears by riding past the spot, on the parralel road of course! I think i may have been lulled into a false sense of security after the very visible police presence of recent months.. in hidsight it was a pretty stupid thing to do to ride through the park after dark, I had nearly changed my mind as I entered but was drawn to the parks great paths.  Anyway I want to warn other cyclists in the area, the olympic legacy hasn't produced a safe neighbourhood as yet! don't let your guard down like me, stay in the light!!


Thanks for telling us your story - we're very pleased the culprits were caught swiftly

Sadly, we've heard of attempted muggings of people on bikes in several parts of London: De Beauvoir town, Somerleyton Road (Brixton) and Burgess Park to name a few.

Of course, robberies against people on foot happen in these places too, but it's tempting to think speeding along on a bike gives extra protection, though that's clearly not always true.

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