bike jacking robbery in viccy park

I was bike jacked in viccy park recently, just after dusk, three youths jumped me on the wide path near Old ford road. It's very dark there, I was grabbed from the side, fell off and was repeatedly punched and kicked by silent assailants. It was so dark that i could have been anyone, on any bike. All they could have seen was my front light. I ran to the road after kicking one of them off me, I called the police who arrived in about 4 minutes! three suspects have been charged, banned from the park and curfewed. I am now back in the saddle on a much cheaper option and have faced my fears by riding past the spot at night - on the parrallel road of course!  I think I may have been lulled into a false sense of security after the very visible police presence of recent months.. in hidsight it was a pretty stupid thing to do to ride through the park after dark, I had nearly changed my mind as I entered but I was drawn to the park's great paths.  Anyway, I want to warn other cyclists in the area.. the olympic legacy hasn't produced a safe neighbourhood as yet!                                            Don't let your guard down like me, stay in the light.




Sorry to hear this. I was lucky that my own incident elsewhere ended without me being hit. A year on, it still affects me occasionally. I hate to think how scary that must have been for you. How are you now?
  • By dabbers at 6:36pm 4 November 2012

Getting better thanks, still a bit nervous riding at night, its the second time its happened so i guess im  getting used to it!! previously in Lea valley park on a sunny summer evening in 2010 i was jumped from the bushes by daubeny road footbridge. no one was caught that time, does anyone EVER get their bike back?

There was been a spate of this around Tooting Bec recently. Bad when it isn't safe to take a short cut through a park.

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