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  • By svendhhh on at 10:18am 3 September 2013
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I've just joined LCC, and one of the things I'm looking forward to making good use of, is the discounts offered by some (quite a lot) bike shops accross London.

Looking at which shops offer the discount, I found an Evans Cycles at 51-52 Rathbone Plac, W1T 1JP. However, the Evans Cycles at 62 Mortimer Street, W1W 7RR doesn't seem to be on the list/map.

Does anyone know if it's possible that one of them offer the discount, and the other doesn't? I would have thought it would be either all or none of Evans Cycles, but I'm not really sure how that chain (or franchise?) is run or managed :)

I know they're fairly close to eachother, but the one on Mortimer Street is on my exact route from/to work most days, and it's also a shop I've used a couple of times before.



Hi Svend, 


It will just be a mistake that one store isn't marked on the map - all Evans Cycles stores should accept LCC membership discounts. 


If there is a shop missing, email our membership team and they will ammend the map. 


Enjoy shopping with your discount!

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