Blackfriars designs... what do you think?

You've seen the graphics, watched the little blogs fly around the corners, now we want to know what you think?

Could it be improved?

What would you do with the new public space?

Is there still too much space for motor vehicles?

Would you let your children cycle through it?

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A much better design, cyclist could be better protected on the left hand turn coming up from victoria embankment and turning onto new bridge st. Could it not have the same feature as left hand turn from queen victoria st? How do memebers of the public normally get a chance to coment of road design?


normally? tfl run something they call a 'consultation', that they don't tell anyone about, and then ignore anyway...

  • By jamesba at 2:03am 4 December 2011

This is a junction that I cycle through almost every day and the major problem that I have with it, which isn't addressed by the plans here, is that the slip road off Victoria Embankment is too narrow for the class of vehicle that is often found there. This forces vehicles into the cycle lane.

My worry with this plan is that the slip road from Victora Embankment looks, if anything, narrower for traffic on this plan. It's all well and good having the cycle lanes there but they're largely ignored by vehicles here and I'm not sure if this plan addresses this.

A small, raised kerb between the cycle lane and the carriageway would be a great improvement and if you know the cars are physically prevented from entering the cycle lane I think it's ok to have a narrower cycle lane. 

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