Blackfriars Upper Thames Tunnel lights?

  • By Stily1 on at 7:44am 24 November 2011
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I recently contacted TFL requesting addition of signage to remind drivers to turn on their headlights in the above tunnel, so that the reflectors we cyclists are required to use (pedals etc.) have *any* positive impact to safety.

I was sadly dissapointed in the response, which amounted to a statement that in the interest of minimizing driver distraction they would do nothing.

This is a very hazardous tunnel for cyclists, being very narrow and, despite the artificial lighting (at least 1/3 of which is broken) quite dark, frequent blatant speeding and huge lorrys and Dutch buses with the drivers on the wrong side (trust me, I know!).

Currently, there are NO SIGNS at the entrance to this location (the no pedestrian sign doesn't count). What driver distraction?

Some would call this very poor justification for doing nothing.

And speaking of driver distraction, the lane arrows painted on the road in this same location are misleading and imply that the left lane is "exit only" to the bridge, causing drivers and cyclists to make an unsafe and wholly un-neccesary lane change, TWICE! (I did it). Driver distraction? Hello? 

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