Blackfriars Bridge - south side

With all Blackfriars campaigning seeming to focus on the north end of the bridge (quite rightly - it's a particularly hairy stretch now that all the motor traffic's squeezing down to a single lane) has there been anything about the southern end of Blackfriars Bridge?

On my evening commute I generally come down Queen Victoria Street, cross Blackfriars Bridge. On the bridge there's a so-so bike lane southbound (nowhere near the width or the northbound lane), a bus lane and a general vehicles lane. The bike lane terminates in a bus stop (pray there's not a bus coming up behind you - they will try to overtake before stopping if they possibly can). The whole road then becomes four general-use lanes, so start watching over your shoulder for cars, taxis and motorbikes zooming across to the left and centre.

Uncomfortable enough if you're going left onto Southwark Street - scary if you're going straight ahead and downright terrifying if you want to turn right onto Stamford Street to get to Waterloo. During the evening there's often a nasty gusty crosswind over the river, so signalling to change lanes is...interesting. Of course, whether you signal or not you're pretty likely to get honked at the vehicle that's started tailgating you.

TL;DR - new trousers please! Does the LCC campaign on Blackfriars cover this end of the bridge too?

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