Blocked CS2 from Vehicles Pulling Out

I travel along the Cycle Superhighway 2 to University on my bike, and constantly find my self frustrated by the terrible driving I witness almost everyday. When drivers are waiting to pull out of a side road onto Whitechapel Road/ Mile End Road, they often position their vehicles in the middle of the cycle lane/bus lane. This is not just a one off sighting. Almost every driver does this, and I am sick of having to swerve around the front of cars into the second lane. Sometimes I have to stop as it is too dangerous to go into the second lane with HGV's etc. Does anybody have any advice on how I could go about complaining about this issue? Thanks in advance!


Concerned cyclist

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  • By badgery at 11:29pm 25 October 2013

You could try dealing with it 'nineties style'...

Gear down, to allow yourself to accelerate quickly from zero or low speed. 

Ensure you have space around you while passing. Pull out and slow the other lane if necessary.

Slow down enough to perform the following manouvre:

Pass close and while passing, kick _hard_ at door, or in this case, headlamp.

Alternatively, with winter drawing in, you may have enough phlegm reserves to 'hawk a loogie', ensuring of course that you prepare and thus ensure the loogie  travels as far as the windscreen.

Ride away laughing maniacally, or with a smug sense of self-satisfaction, depending on personal temperament.

  • By phufbl at 6:16pm 29 October 2013

Remember that the most important thing is your own safety.


I would not pull into the second lane unless it is absolutely safe to do so.


If the only option is to slow and wait for the car to pull out completely then that is just what you have to do. Heavy traffic can be frustrating and cause queues for everybody, including cyclists.

I hope Badgery's comments were tongue in cheek. I don't tihnk doing anything which could provoke anger or violence are a good idea. Firstly, it could immediately jeopardise your safety. Secondly, if cyclists want motorists to treat them better then we have to get motorists on our side, not make enemies of them.

This is fairly standard behaviour in heavy traffic when thre is a continuous flow preventing drivers leaving side roads and is not confined to CS2. Even cyclists have been known to do it.

Personally I would just pull up inline with the drivers sight of view to make sure they can see you and know you are there. I wouldn't try to move over because if a driver travelling in the same direction as you doesn't get you then the driver from the side road definitely will as he/she forces themelves further out into the road.

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