Bloomsbury way bus lane

Is anybody familiar with the bus lane eastbound on Bloomsbury way? Apparently it’s buses only, but cyclists use it (for obvious reasons) and TfL have been alerted to some ‘near misses’ and been asked to do something about it.

Any information or experiences would be very helpful.


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Yes, I see lots of cyclists using it in the morning (though I head towards Holborn station and get through central London that way).  I think most people assume it's for buses and cyclists.

Hi All,


I commute that way and can relate to your concern, on top of that TFL promote so much on getting people onto bikes, but the road condition in London are very POOR for most part, I commute from Putney to Holborn and the worst section is from Oxford Street to Holborn Police station (A40 &A401) Already I have to replace and service my bike wheels twice in the past 2 months. Also there are no link from Grt Marlborough st to New Oxford Street (East ward). And I am finding it difficult to contact TFL or Camden directly to raise these issues, if anyone can help, please make it so and improve London.




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