Borrow bike trailer near SW11?

Hi - I've no idea whether this is the right place to ask, but can anyone suggest where I might be able to borrow (or hire?) a bike trailer? I live in SW11. I'd like to move some stuff (such as an old computer) to the recycling centre.

Thank you for any suggestions.



I know Waitrose in East Sheen offer cycle trailers for hire. They are loaned free of charge for three days.  Is that of any use?

or you can borrow one from me - but I am in KT3. Rated to 90kg

Two really helpful replies in less than 12 hours! Thank you LCC-ers.

Charles - I'd like to borrow your trailer sometime. I'll email. The fun will be working out how much of Coombe Hill is going to involved. Oh well, I'm used to hauling my daughter up to Wimbledon Common on a tag-a-long...

i think Waitrose in East Sheen is the best....

Hello dear jondclark i never been to SW11, that's i m not aware of that place. that's why you have to search on internet,,,,

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