British Cycling are lobbying Government

(Found on CTC site 13/1/13)  
Just to let everyone know Bristish Cycling have a E-petition with the government
Road Safety - Driving Test and Highway Code
Responsible department: Department for Transport
Whilst the driving theory test has some optional cycling awareness questions, not everyone is tested with these and the practical driving test does not have any particular focus on cyclists. If drivers are not trained to be aware of cyclists and how to drive around them they will retain the lack of awareness after they pass their test. British Cycling supports the motoring organisations which are calling for harder tests and the inclusion of cycle awareness in the test.
British Cycling's manifesto says: changes to the driving test to make cycle awareness a core part of driver training and testing with emphasis on how much space to give cyclists and how to safely overtake cyclists.
We need to make this happen and stop people being needlessly killed on the roads.
please have a look at this E-petition it may help new drivers to under stand our needs on the road
cut and paste this address

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