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Hi,  this is a brand new website. It has been a massive job transferring all the info from the old site while setting brilliant new features like these forums.  Tell us how it would work better and we will pass it on to the webteam.

My first suggestion:

In the forums the left navigation closes down when you read a message, you might be in the Islington borough section but you cannot see this from the message pane.


It seems that if you cut a paste into the 'reply' box all the formatting is lost. This is a test message to see if direct typing format is also lost......................... and how line wrapping in handled. Charlie PS you can use the advanced reply form to insert formatting, or edit you reply after it appears.
  • By gegi at 4:08pm 1 June 2011
Would be nice to have a heading for each forum so that at the top you can see which forum you are in. currently this is only a red highligh in the sidebar. If you are further down the list you have to scroll down to check.
I like the way you have provided maps for each event, but please could we have OSM instead of Google Maps. I have noticed that my email address is given in clear on the events page for an events that I posted (I gave it as jean AT dollimore.net on the old website). Please would you rectify this. Please also tell me how I can edit the entry for Cyclists Breakfast so that I can correct an error in the times given rather than having to reply.

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The maps are of a huge advance.
Several suggestions about them:
 - rolling over the markers for events, etc. should show the name and summary of the event.
- the pop-up for a marker should show the full details for the event as well as the StreetView images.
- the animated rotating StreetView image is cool, but quite irritating. At the very least it should stop moving after one full rotation.
- routes (such as the one for the 'Chilterns ride' on the main map) should be clickable to show some details- Google maps API does support that.
- I and others would prefer to see opencyclemap.org as the background map, at least as an option if not the default. I can provide details on the code for doing that using the Google Maps API.
[Second attempt using the 'Advanced Reply' box]

Great to see the Cyclestreets.net route finder on the Home page. The entire box should be made clickable to take you to the full rote planner page, so that users can click on the map to choose there start and finish points, rather than just type in addresses.
  • By Cfenton at 10:55pm 1 June 2011
The events listing seems to be in a very large font size which means that you don't see many events at all on the screen without scrolling. However when you then click on a specific event some of the details (eg ride difficulty) are very small. I think it would be easier to read if the fonts were a) smaller on the main page and b) larger for those details. Two other comments on the events list - firstly there doesn't appear to be any sort of filter obvious to select just say rides, or workshops so you have to read through all the titles and descriptions, and secondly for rides it gives the "borough" but no indication on whether it is a ride organised by a borough group (I think this was included on the old website).
I like the new website design, it's a vast improvement over the old one. The route finder is a handy tool to have direct access to. One suggestion I have for the moment is that on the gear review pages it has a website for the manufacturer but it's not a hyperlink. Its a small point but will improve usability. Thanks Steve
  • By idavid at 4:18pm 5 June 2011
I think Forums should be a separate tab from Rides & Local.
How do you start a new topic thread?
  • By idavid at 6:37am 9 June 2011
If you edit a post it says "edited by..." but text is unchanged.
  • By Irena at 1:37pm 10 June 2011
I'm enjoying finding my way around the site ... I think it all looks much more up-to-date and interactive. I have noticed various typos etc, but am not sure of the appropriate place to point them out. Would you like that info? Also, it's a bit disconcerting that when I looked at 'today's video', I then got offered various alternatives - clicked on one about wearing high heels on a bike (cute, and interesting to someone who sometimes needs to cycle to parties) - which in its turn offered me porn-type clip, about un-cycle-related high-heels. You don't realise until you've started watching the thing. Not nice! Is there not some sort of a filter for that kind of thing?
  • By ebo at 10:18am 11 June 2011
Have the RSS feeds/newsfeeds been removed deliberately? My LCC News/Campaign/Community feeds from the old sites now give 404 (not found) errors! Please reinstate, and why not add in borough-based feeds too?
  • By Tim at 5:09pm 11 June 2011

Hello there!

Don't worry, RSS feeds will be back within a couple of days - they were dropped off the list of things to do for launch (as we had so much to do and too little time), but are on my list of things to do over the next few days.

Regarding using OSM rather than Google maps - I'd be keen to look into this, however, a lot of our geodata and mapping stuff is quite tightly coupled to google's API (we make use of their routing service for plotting routes, etc). However, if there's a simple way of integrating OSM with this, I'm all ears!

Thanks for all your other suggestions and comments - I won't respond to any others just yet, as it's not for me to say what will or won't get done (That's for Mike and the others at LCC to decide), but all the feedback is really useful!



(LCC web developer fella)


  • By ebo at 3:45pm 12 June 2011

Good news on RSS feeds, thanks Tim. Also noticed that the you can get stuck on a page and have to use the back button to get back to menus, maybe need some way of getting back up the tree?

  • By jellied at 3:01pm 15 June 2011

2 errors:

Can't create an event - get an internal server error, and also no field to enter the date and time of the event

secondly, when resetting a password, the link in the email is not found.

Thanks everyone... as Tim mentioned, we're still catching up with launch features but nothing here goes unnoticed and it's all prioritised and added to the master plan

Please keep suggestions coming


Mike Cavenett
communications officer

Re: "The map". What map? I click on the tab and see a heading 'The map' but a map I do not see. Nadda. Just lots of whiteness. Any idea why?

New design is looking good, and much easier to find stuff. Have noticed a few minor bugs:

1) A problem with paged navigation:

For example, on the page:

Clicking the links to move onto pages 2 or 3 do not work. The new pages
contain the same information as the first page:


The same appears to be true of other multi-page pages in that section, eg:


2) The FAQ section appears to be empty (perhaps this is intentional at
this early stage in the new website's life?)


3) The page http://lcc.org.uk/2012-election-poll does not exist (404 error). It is linked to from http://lcc.org.uk/pages/2012-mayoral-election


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I can't see where to start a new topic/discussion...


I could see how to create a new topic/ discussion. It is the top left above the DISCUSSION word. Click 'Start a new thread'

but then I created a post on Bike Recycling in the 'Bikes and Bits' Forum area and it has disappeared. I can find it if I search for it, but otherwise it's invisible. Any idea why?

This is it:




Why doesn't this forum list the comments in the order they were submitted? Seems a bit random!

How about a longer listing on the LH column on the home page for the latest posts (Have your say). Three topics and they're gone! Longer list will keep them active (hopefully) for longer. Cheers

  • By Jim at 6:20pm 23 June 2011

I think you might need fewer sub-forums. It's tempting when starting something like this to try and create a whole range of sub-forums, but it inevitably means that some of them stay quiet for days or weeks on end, and that makes people self-conscious about starting a new thread. I would suggest amalgamating most of them so that you get a few forums which are each busier, which will be more inviting to people, and if you subsequently find that there are so many conversations that you need to split it up then great, go ahead and do that. But right now you've got too many empty spaces, which isn't very inviting. For example, instead of a separate 'borough chat' sub-forum, you could just encourage people to start a 'super-thread' for their borough in the general sub-forum.

Regarding the actual design of the forums, I think the text is a bit too big, and you might want to allow people to choose avatars and sigs so they feel like they 'own' the place a bit more. Right now it feels a bit too much like a guestbook rather than a place for conversation.

I have to admit to being a bit confused about how to start a thread as well - I'm signed in, and all I see in the area around 'DISCUSSION' is the following:

Cropped LCC forum screenshot


A glance at the page source reveals nothing that my browser might be failing to render, yet people plainly are starting threads on the forums. What gives?

  • By Tim at 2:43pm 21 July 2011

This content was deleted by Tim at 2:43pm 21 July 2011.

Could we have posts starting with the most recent item?

Please could the dash-board please change to Charles' Dashboard when I am logged in?

(is there a less motor-centric word?)

Could there be a time/date line saying what/when has been evolved?

When I looked for an update on "Blackfriars" this morning, the search was indirect; clicking on the red dots produced the last update, but there is no obvious-to-me prompt to do so ...

(That was a great update, though!)

Sometimes the text is scrambled - using Chrome here. Could be me,as well!


clicking on advanced reply put me in an unrecognisable place in the messages; so I came back here.

Does the forum work with IE9? Doesn;t seem to, had to use Firefox to be able to post any messages.

Is it possible to have the "old" news comments added to the appropriate forums , so we can continue discussions?

On the forum, I can only access the first page of any set of topics - both on home PC and at work - any suggestions ?  Thanks

  • By Loshu at 9:21am 21 January 2012

Its a bit anoying to click on a thread and find it only contained one post - and that that post has been removed.

The borough sections from within the forums, have very few posts.

I know that Islington and Camden both have large forums online hosted by yahoo.

Do other boroughs?

is there a way to "link into" or give the web address' of other forums?

I often cycle through Westmisnster as well but their forum is empty!

says it all really.

These forums are pretty uselsss if non one uses them!

Come, I think you're missing out a big time with this forum.

Needs making much more user friendly and old school BB style.

  • By JFK at 9:12am 27 April 2012

Think something is odd with the discussion board.


I can see that people have posted to a discussion from the title summary like paul draper below

Concerned Londoner 11 11:47am 25 Apr 2012 by: Paul_draper »



But when i click into the thread the last visible post is by

By cycle_stephen on 03:46pm 24 Apr 2012


Either i'm blind and can;t see the post/next page button or its buggy.



  • By Teri at 6:37pm 3 June 2012

I STILL can't post rides!  

1) The "speed" of the forum pages is TOO SLOW TO ACTAULLY USE regularly. Today, is the worst, over 30 seconds to progress through pages. This is painfully too slow. I have many ideas how my local group could really use this forum, but the current refresh page speed is diabolically too slow. I'm sure this is being resolved, but we need to know by when as “ease of use” and “reliability” are key to user update. And interesting, these forum pages seem very under used to date.


2) I do not "tweet". I write. So why is page width so "narrow"? Not saying it should be full screen! But, please trial having slightly wider window to read threads. And to avoid the problem, like right now, where I am staring at "MICRO DOT" small size font writing this text on screen (to enter this post)!   Why making posting so hard for users?


3) Over time, and a really a minor point, but see if you can add a spell checker function to the “Post A Reply” options, as seen on other forums, would be nice.


4) The interest from others, is excellent.  Please could you let me know when there is meeting, where we could meet to discuss ideas one evening? I really would like to meet up to explore ideas with others.   The potential is huge and very exciting with these forum pages, to support local group work, and campaign work, and discussing planning concerns etc.

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  • By zoo at 11:34pm 16 April 2014

Use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nofollow on forum posts, to make spamming less attractive.

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