Bushy Park

Having obtained a copy of the up to date TFL Cycle Guide 9 I was horrified to see that all the paths through Bushy Park had been removed.

At a recent Police Community Consultation meeting it was made clear that cyclists can use all paths in Bushy Park.


  • By Jon Fray at 12:18pm 17 October 2011

& who would ever believe that a cycle route map (TfL Guide 10) which includes Richmond Park, could not identify the roads in Richmond Park as being at least 'recommended by cyclists'!

Seems that no one asks local cyclists to check these things. In Kingston we were asked to identify changes to the council's own map. We provided some comments but seems we were ignored or they lost our comments. In any case our recommendations weren't taken into account.

But never mind the quality, eh? (sarc) At least it's something ticked off of someone's list as 'done'.








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