Campaign Seeks to Prevent Further 'Plebgate' Incidents

In the wake of the 'Plebgate' incident at Downing Street, we are seeking to prevent similar incidents in nearby King Charles Street.

The entrance to King Charles Street

Vehicular access to King Charles Street from Parliament Street is currently restricted by a security guard and rising bollards. Westminster is proposing to pass a traffic order formally restricting access by vehicles, including cycles.

We have objected to this order on the grounds that it contravenes the council's policy to 'allow cyclists to turn at junctions and enter streets where certain movements by motor vehicles are  banned as part of a traffic management or environmental scheme...’ It would certainly be convenient for people who work in the government departments on King Charles Street to be able to cycle into it – as well as prevent altercations between cabinet ministers and the police.

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  • By KevinC at 5:41pm 5 October 2012

I have commented on the drfat Order as follows:

Dear Mr Lightfoot

Thank you for copies of the draft traffic orders relating to King Charles Street.
In relation to the Prescribed Routes Order am I right in thinking that the effect of this as drafted would be to ban cycling in King Charles Street?  Is that the intention?  The draft Order contains a definition of "pedal cycle" in Article 2(3) but then there is no subsequent mention of pedal cycles in the order.  
The stated intention is to formalise the current restriction on motor vehicles entering King Charles Street from Parliament Street.  But the order as drafted appears to me to go much further.  It would introduce a ban on cycling along the length of King Charles Street.   King Charles Street is used by cyclists as a cut-through between Whitehall and Horse Guards Road, by walking up and down the Clive Steps at the west end of the street.  This a useful route enabling cyclists heading from Whitehall to Birdcage Walk to avoid a full circuit of the Parliament Square one-way system; well worth the walk down the steps.
Pedal cycles should be specifically excluded from the restriction by adding them to Article 4.
Yours sincerely,
Kevin Costelloe
and the response:

Dear Mr Costelloe,


Although the consultation closed last Friday, the information that you have provided regarding cyclists use of King Charles Street has been included in the report being compiled for submission to Westminster for their consideration.  We will contact you again in due course.





Senior Traffic Order Maker
West One
10th Floor, Westminster City Hall 


There is currently no restriction on cyclists riding into King Charles Street between the (illegal) bollards and using this as a roue to Horse Guards Road.  It is not too late to tell Westminster Council that it is unacceptable to ban cyclists from this road.


Kevin Costelloe


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