Car turning across a cycle lane


I was riding through London a couple of weeks ago when a car turned across the cycle lane. I hit him and went over the bonnet. I was a bit dazed (and spent a few hours in A&E) and my bike forks are shattered. I'm all healed now :) but I have a few questions.

Who is liable? He turned across 2 lanes of stationary traffic (through a Keep Clear section into his turning) and didn't see me.

Should it have been reported to the police or to anyone else?




I suggest you give Levenes on 020 8826 1329 a call if you're a member.

It was an RTC. The police should have attended, and should be contacted with the driver's details as they have left the scene of an accident. You had priority, so the driver is likely to be liable, HOWEVER - when flitering up the left hand side of traffic (paint on the road or not) you should be VERY careful because this sort of thing happens. You were probably going too fast at the time and couldn't stop in time. I'm certainly not saying it was 50-50, but learn from the accident and apply it to your future riding.


Hope you're ok.

Soneone did this to me at Aldgate last night. Drew up alongside me and started turning left. Fortunatley I was more observant than the idiot driver and also turned left to avoid being hit.

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