Celebrating safe lorries ? When a firm does the right thing, can we / should we, make a noise?

Through work I have been involved in organising an Exchanging Places event which is going to be on 12th June on Farringdon in the morning (near Ludgate Circus). The truck that we can climb in is different, it's a FORS Silver rated vehicle which means it has sensors telling the driver when a cyclist is near and all kinds of safety equipment. Interestingly, the Police truck, which will also be there, does not have the same safety features.

So, my question is, can the LCC use this as an opportunity to point to good practice? It seems very few firms have got to FORS Silver yet, but this one firm has bothered. They perhaps see commercial advantage of getting ahead of their competitors with safety features, but whatever their driver, isnt this what we want to happen? Should we show up at the even and get some cameras there and make a noise about it?

What do you think?





Don't think it's the LCC's job to be a fan club for the RHA.

Lorry lobby are involved in getting safety improvements in HGV design, recently voted through in the EU parliament (that we elect), pushed back to 2025 by the EU Council (which is UN-elected)!




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