Change Forum to Old School BB Style!!


The website is starting to look really good but I think the forum needs a serious overhall.

I don;t think its the easiest to use or navigate and frankly it quite plain and boring!

I would have thought using a a typical forum model would be better, styled on the old Bulletin Boards. Here members can have visbale profile details, a picture. You can set up differet moderators for different topics.

Some examples of what I mean are, and I'm not promoting these other sites either, just showing the style of forum that I think works well. You can of course customise these to fit in with the style of the website.

Get your tech guys to have a look.



it's a fair point - it's not the best-looking forum

however, we wanted to integrate the forum with the rest of the website, so you'd have one log-in, and one password

the only way to do that (within other constraints) was to start with something simpe and then build it up over time

We certainly plan to improve it when funds allow, and the phpBB-style boards you mention are an excellent model

Hi - I've certainly found the forum facility valuable, with lots of good advice and support. Thank you, LCC.

What I find very difficult is finding replies to my posts. Is there a simple way of showing all discussions that I've taken part in? Or to receive email notifications if someone replies to one of those discussions? I guess I hoped that that's what "My Dashboard" would do, but it doesn't seem to be mine, or have anything to do with me or my posts. Viewing My Profile shows a few of my posts, but they seem to be the oldest ones, so aren't very helpful in finding my recent discussions. But in my day job I appreciate the limitations of working to an IT budget!

Hi Jon, there's been another comment along these lines, and yes we are working on making 'My dashboard' more user friendly. Bear with us!

Sooooo LCC, how the forum improvements going??

Lets get that phpBB-style forum on the go, make this the defacto forum for all London cyclists!

And Happy New Year!

LCC - Too slow on replying to people posts on here I think.

Do you get any notification when someone posts or do you check manually??

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I think this website theme is awesome. It's quite clean and elegant, it's not easy to change to another theme if the existing template is still not out-dated. My personally spend much time on my own website.

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