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A number of changes have been proposed for the south-east corner of Hyde Park Corner, in order to improve conditions for cycling and walking.

The main proposals are:

    • Re-arranging the paths past the Wellington Arch to reduce conflict between pedestrians and cyclists. It is expected that the proposed 'wine-glass' arrangement will encourage cyclists to go past the sides of the arch, while pedestrians pass through the arch.
    • Eliminating the left-turning slip road into Constitution Hill. This will enable pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road in one go. At present, many cross the slip road while the red man is showing. This is especially dangerous for westbound users, for whom a hedge blocks the view of approaching traffic.

Hyde Park Corner
The south-east corner of Hyde Park Corner.
Cyclists and pedestrians currently have to cross in two phases.

The scheme has been proposed by a working group of senior officials from at least three authorities, who considered at least eight options. It will form part of the East-West Cycle Superhighway, or Cycling Crossrail, running between Westway and the City.

See a plan of the proposals

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Great idea - The whole junction is pretty awful and the priority given to cycles & pedestrians is very low! Hopefully this will start the improvements...

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